Where To Buy Sunscreen in South Korea

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In the spring, summer, and part of the fall in South Korea, the sun is very strong, and the temperatures can easily get close to 30 degrees celsius and sometimes higher.

If you go outside for a longer period of time when the sun is strong in South Korea, you’ll easily get sunburned if you don’t wear sunscreen.

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You can purchase sunscreen in all Olive Young stores around South Korea, which is the most abundant store that sells sunscreen. If you’re in a major city, chances are that you are quite close to one of the many branches of Olive Young.

All other cosmetics stores in South Korea also sell sunscreen, but Olive Young is the largest cosmetics store chain, which means that it’ll probably be the fastest for you to go to one of them.

I have personally also purchased sunscreen once in a GS25, but I don’t believe that all convenience stores sell sunscreen, so it’s safer to go for Olive Young or another cosmetics shop.

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Where can you buy sunscreen in South Korea?

When you’re visiting Seoul, Busan, Jeju, or somewhere else in South Korea during the late spring, summer, and early fall months, sunscreen is an essential item.

You can easily get sunburned if you’re out and about for too long in the strong sun, and you’ll definitely want to be out and about to experience what the country has to offer.

If you didn’t bring any sunscreen in your luggage, there are luckily many stores that sell it.

For most people, it’ll be most convenient to head to the nearest Olive Young store, as it is the largest cosmetics store chain in South Korea, so there’s always a branch nearby. They sell a wide range of different sunscreen products.

Olive Young cosmetics store entrance in South Korea

To find the nearest Olive Young store, search for the store name in either Naver Maps or Kakao Maps. Chances are that there’s one right around the corner.

Other cosmetics stores and pharmacies will also sell sunscreen, so if any other store is closer to you, then you can go to one of those.

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Olive Young sells many different kinds of sunscreen, including ones with additional effects, like whitening.

Besides buying sunscreen in Olive Young, I have also once purchased it in a GS25 as I needed it quickly, but I don’t believe that all convenience stores have it.

They also only had one sunscreen product, whereas Olive Young or another cosmetics store will have tons.

That’s where you can purchase sunscreen in South Korea!

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