Where to Buy Bed Linen and Sheets in Seoul, South Korea

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When you arrive at your accommodation in South Korea, you might not feel like using the bedding that is provided, as it’s been used by everyone who’s stayed there before.

Especially if you’re staying in South Korea for a longer period of time, it can improve your stay greatly to have fresh new bed linen, sheets, and even blankets and pillows.

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I myself was an exchange student in Seoul for about 4 months, and the first thing that I did when I came to my accommodation was buying fresh new sheets and a new pillow and blanket, which increased the quality of my stay a lot.

You can purchase bed linen, sheets, blankets, and pillows in large grocery and retail stores like Emart, Homeplus, and Costco and home decor stores like Muji, Zara Home, Ikea, and some H&M stores.

To find the nearest stores that sell bed linen and sheets, search for these stores on Naver Maps or Kakao Maps. Do note that these are all chains, and some H&M and Muji stores might not sell bed linen and sheets, and Emart24 and Homeplus Express don’t.

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Where can you purchase bedding in South Korea?

When you come to South Korea for a longer trip, like working an internship or studying as an exchange student, you might not be satisfied with the bedding that comes with your accommodation.

If that’s the case, like it was for me, then I recommend that you go out and purchase new fresh bed linen and sheets as well as a new blanket and pillow.

Everything you need for bedding, including new blankets and pillows, can be bought at large grocery and retail stores and in home decor stores.

The most common large grocery and retail stores that you’ll find in South Korea are Emart, Homeplus, and Costco. Both Emart and Homeplus do also have smaller stores that do not sell bedding called Emart24 and Homeplus Express.

Home decor stores that sell bedding include Zara Home, Ikea, and some Muji and H&M stores.

Muji selling bed linen and sheets in South Korea

To find the nearest store that sells bedding, use either Naver Maps or Kakao Maps and search for these stores. It can be a good idea to check on both apps, as they don’t always show all of the stores.

While most of the stores listed above will have bedding for sale, the safest options are Zara Home and Ikea, as they’re guaranteed to have it.

I have personally seen bedding for sale in all the stores that I’ve listed, but I know some of the chains have several stores that don’t sell it, like H&M, where I’ve only seen bedding once.

To have the highest chance of finding bedding in a store like Emart or Homeplus, go with the largest ones.

If you’re familiar with ordering things online in South Korea, you can easily order bedding from Coupang or other online stores, but it’ll probably be easier to go buy it in person when you just arrive in the country.

That’s where to purchase bed linen, sheets, blankets, and pillows in Seoul, Busan, and other cities in South Korea!

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