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This is the story behind Timzertravels.com and all the info you need on the site.

What is Timzertravels.com?

Timzertravels is a travel tips website creating quality guides that give you the complete answer to your problem or question. We create travel guides, recommendation lists, general travel tips, and buying guides.


We want to give you the answers you seek regarding your traveling and time in foreign countries without wasting your time. Therefore, our articles are written without adding unnecessary information that does not give you better, deeper insights into the topic. We write our posts based on personal experience and include stories or experiences from our own lives when relevant so you know the answers you are getting are authentic.


Timzertravels.com was founded in July 2022 by Tim Stadel Clausen. Tim has experience creating and managing other content websites, as well as experience in other online ventures, including YouTube channels. Because of his studies and later own business, he has been fortunate to be able to travel around the world, experiencing the topics he writes about first-hand. Timzertravels.com started covering guides on traveling and living in South Korea, as that’s the country Tim has the most experience and knowledge on, besides his home country, Denmark. Over time, the aim is to cover guides for several countries around the world. Tim is still the owner and manager of Timzertravels.com and is currently the only writer for the site.


These are the people behind Timzertravels.com!

Tim Stadel Clausen

Owner, Head Writer & Editor

Tim Stadel Clausen is the owner of Timzer Travels. He has been fortunate to be able to travel around the world because of his work, and he now shares guides and travel tips to help others.



Timzertravels.com is part of the Timzer Invest Network, which means that the site is owned and operated by Timzer Invest.

Timzer Invest, legally registered as Timzer Invest ApS in Denmark under the business registration number 38670867, is a non-financial holding company whose primary activities are the creation and managing of self-owned online content websites and social media accounts, investing in financial and online-based assets, including apps and websites, and any other business ventures of Tim Stadel Clausen.

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