Where Can You Buy Cheese in South Korea?

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Local shops and convenience stores in Seoul and other cities in South Korea don’t always offer the widest selections of cheeses.

You can buy most kinds of cheeses in large retail stores like Emart, Costco, and Homeplus. These stores offer the largest selection of cheese, including well-known brands. If you’re after specific cheeses that aren’t sold in retail stores, your best bet is a dedicated cheese store like Chunk of Cheese.

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While you’ll also find some cheeses in local supermarkets and convenience stores, they don’t offer nearly as many options when it comes to cheese compared to the bigger retail stores.

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Where can you buy cheese in South Korea?

If you’re a cheese lover that craves specific kinds of cheese, you might be disappointed with the cheese selection that you find at the local supermarket or convenience store in South Korea.

Both local supermarkets and convenience stores usually have some cheese options, but often not that many.

If you are looking for a larger selection of cheeses to select from, head to a large retail store like Emart, Costco, or Homeplus. These stores have many of the most popular kinds of cheeses for sale, including international brands.

Selection of cheeses in retail store in South Korea

Another great bet for high-quality cheese is to visit a department store’s grocery section, like Lotte Department Store or Hyundai Department Store.

To find the nearest large retail store or department store, search for the above-listed stores in either Naver Maps or Kakao Maps.

In stores, you might see signs that say 1+1, 2+1, or another combination of numbers. These are discounts on products that give you an additional unit when X number of the unit is bought.

There are also some dedicated cheese stores you can visit or purchase from online, like Chunk of Cheese, but there aren’t that many compared to other countries.

That’s where you can cheese in South Korea!

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