Are Taxis Expensive in Seoul, South Korea?

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Getting a taxi is a convenient way to get to your destination if you don’t wish to use the public transportation system or are in a rush.

Compared to most western countries, getting a taxi in South Korea is relatively cheap and will cost around ₩16,000 (~$12) for a trip that is around 20 minutes. The basic fare starts at around ₩3,000 (~$2) and increases by around ₩700 (~$0.5) per kilometer and around ₩10,000 (~7.5$) per hour.

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The taxi fare in South Korea can vary depending on the time of day, the type of taxi, the city you’re in, whether you leave the city you start the trip in, etc. Orange or white taxis are the regular and cheapest taxis. Black taxis are the premium and most expensive.

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How much is the taxi fare in South Korea?

While the public transportation system is efficient and works well in major cities in South Korea, taking a taxi is sometimes more convenient.

In some western countries, taking a taxi is never even a consideration for most as they are so expensive, but in South Korea, they are worth considering from time to time.

The taxi fare in South Korea starts at around ₩3,000 (~$2) and increases by around ₩700 (~$0.5) per kilometer and around ₩10,000 (~7.5$) per hour.

I’ve personally taken taxis many times in South Korea, both in Seoul, smaller cities down south, and on Jeju Island.

From my experience, you’re looking at around ₩14,000 – ₩18,000 (~$10.5 – $13.5) for an approximately 20 minutes trip. A 10 minutes trip will cost a bit more than half of that.

For longer rides, for example, from the middle of Seoul to Incheon Airport, I’ve paid around ₩50,000 (~$38) for an approximately 45 minutes ride. On Jeju, I’ve paid around ₩60,000 (~$45.5) for a ride that took approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes.

The taxi fare will differ based on the time of day and other factors like the type of taxi you take, what city you are in, and whether or not you drive out of the city where you started the ride. Taking a taxi at night is quite a bit more expensive, as the demand for them is high at that time.

Taxi types can be identified by the color of the taxi. Orange or white taxis are the regular ones, and black taxis are premium. If you order a taxi via an app, you can choose the type you want in the app.

Do note that, sometimes, because of traffic in the larger cities, taking a taxi takes almost as long, if not as long, as taking public transportation.

That’s how much it costs to take a taxi in South Korea!

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