Is It Humid in South Korea? Summer, Spring, Autumn, Winter Humidity

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Given South Korea’s geographical location, it has a more extreme climate than many other countries, especially compared to many western countries.

The weather in South Korea is very different in summer compared to winter, making most people prefer the spring and autumn months.

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During the summer months in South Korea (June – August), the humidity is very high, reaching an average of more than 80% in July. As autumn comes around, the humidity falls significantly and drops way down to an average of 60% in the winter months.

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Is South Korea humid?

Yes, during the summer months, South Korea is very humid, but during early spring, late autumn, and winter, the humidity isn’t very high.

Compared to many western countries, South Korea has a very high level of humidity during the summer months, but during the winter months, it’ll feel similar to most western countries.

In the following table, you can see aggregate data from multiple sources on the average humidity throughout the year in South Korea.

MonthAverage Humidity

The first time I visited South Korea was in mid-August during the rainy season, and I was very surprised, coming from Denmark, by how humid the weather was in Korea.

Even when you were inside after having taken a shower, you would quickly feel as if your body couldn’t quite get dry, even though you were completely dry and weren’t hot because of the air conditioner in your room.

Whenever you went outside in the hot weather, your body would quickly feel slightly damp, even if you weren’t sweating.

You did, however, get used to it fairly quickly, and after around one and a half months of being there, the humidity had dropped so much, plus I had gotten more used to the climate that I didn’t even think about it anymore.

That’s all you need to know about the humidity in South Korea!

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